Well okay, not literally. Not even figuratively. More like spiritually. You see, all my life I’ve been baby deprived. Quite simply no one I knew, not family nor friends, had babies. Now, however, there are oodles. For me, the great benefit is the fact that I get to experience all the undeniable baby cuteness while the parents deal with the yucky back end of things — quite literally.

It was two years ago that I was introduced to a particular baby that began this chain reaction. It seemed after she was born there was a breakout of pregnancies among my friends. Along the way, I got to meet and play with more babies than I have ever had in my life. And I was content with them being their babies and everything was fine. Until today.

I’m home, sick, and bored to tears with some sort of virus thus giving me plenty of time to think. As I sat incapacitated on my couch watching the tv, the storyline caught me off guard. I had a moment. I began to think of my friends and their little miracles being pushed around in their stroller-car seat hybrids and everything they have and will go through to raise their children. Then the realization came to me — I could do that. No. It is more like, I want to do that. Sure, I know what you’re thinking, “Hey Dean, you’re single and not even dating anyone, why the hell are you thinking about having children?” Well, it’s not that I’m running out trying to find the mom of my kids this weekend. I guess it’s more of a turning point in the way I see myself. This self-discovery of mental maturity has made me realize I just might survive in this crazy mixed-up world. Survive and be happy. With babies.

And here is, who in part, inspired this blog.
My very own niece, Azrealla.


Current mood: fatherly


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