I haven’t talked a lot about my current job here and that’s a shame because I absolutely love it. Although, the nostalgia of past jobs and the years and years and years of college has already set in. However, it only takes me a second to recall how much being poor, being treated like a $5/hour slave, and being in career-limbo facing an unknown future totally makes me appreciate where I am now. That, and I get to work on really cool stuff. Like Edward Scissorhands. Now, I’ve done some pretty cool stuff since I began interning last January, but this was my first real solo effort in creating keyart for a DVD packaging. The bad news? It’s not domestic. Meaning it won’t be released in the US, it’s international packaging. Boo, I know. But, it doesn’t phase me one bit. I’m so extremely excited! Next, I get to work on a bunch of Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns!!! Like A Fistful of Dollars!!! I love that movie!

So. Needless to say. I’m happy to put my 40 hours in at the “office.” For me, this is a dream come true.


Current mood: cheerful


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