I woke Monday morning with no vacation plans at all. So, as chance befalls chance, by the time my head touched a pillow again I had purchased a round trip ticket to Maui. I leave in less than one week and I must say, I love being impulsive.

2006 has been a crazy year of ups and downs, from romantic relationships lost and found, finally graduating college, painful surgeries, becoming an uncle, deaths in the family, having friends get engaged/married/have babies, finally having a career job, reuniting with long-lost friends, having my first car accident with the Malibu, roommates moving out and new ones on their way in, having my designs published and most of all an overall feeling of contentment, excitement and euphoric exhilaration. And I still have four months to go with Halloween, my 30th birthday, and x-mas right around the corner!

So, when this perfect opportunity to vacation for a week in Maui came my way, the choice was no choice at all. This week is definitely a bit crazy getting everything planned and done before next Tuesday. My only regret is not having the time to get scuba certified, although I’ve learned I can still scuba dive on what is called a “resort dive” with minimal training. And after only a day reading a book on Maui, I’m more excited than ever — swimming with dolphins and sea turtles, hiking through rain forests and up active volcanoes, exploring lava caves, hang gliding over the ocean, diving off massive waterfalls, and drinking foofoo drinks with little umbrellas in them while sitting on the most beautiful beaches in the world. I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave.



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