myspace — an imaginary portrait of my life

Hi, my name is: Some of you might be confused; some of you might think my name is Dean. Not so. Not here. See, as you peruse my photos, digest my comments, and even as you read this, you are seeing a construct of how I see myself and how I want to be seen. I find this fantastic. Just as these blogs and my own personal journal chronicle my life, so does everything I do to these pages.

I feel like I am being truthful to who I am when I write.

How well can a web page convey who you are?
How well can you know someone you’ve never met?
How well can you ever truly know someone?
How well can you ever know yourself?
Are there parts of us we’ll never understand?

Taking everything with a grain of salt.
Nothing takes the place of emotive contact.
Pure, raw conversation.

read “i cut myself shaving today

I do wander the halls of myspace time and again embracing my inner voyeur, peeking into lives of people that I’ll never meet. This is…

for me, it’s far more interesting to explore people I actually know in that other place, the one without the onslaught of red, blue and green lights, without rodents with buttons…

This place is just one element of who I am.
In understanding who I am.
For me to help you understand who I am.
For you to


If I wanted you to see me, then I would stop right now, with the rough draft above, with fractured thoughts, unfinished, unrealized. And so publish it. Maybe this will help you see past my façade — a peek behind the curtain. This is a glimpse into how I think, how I write, who I am.

My ulterior motives for doing this elude even me at the moment.

what do we ever truly know?
how well do we ever know someone? how well can we?


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