Every year that I continue this project I learn and grow in unexpected ways. This year, with my most challenging project to date, it was no different. For the first time since my initial project, I posted throughout the year. This gave rise to an unexpected result, an expected audience, and real-time feedback.

I can not say how much every “like”, comment, and a bit of praise meant to me throughout these twelve months. There were times I hit bottom, frustrated beyond belief, wanting to give up and be done with the whole thing. It was you that helped me up. Brushed me off. And put that project back into my hand, filling me full of confidence over and over again. You’ll never know how much that meant to me. Thank you. Thank you so much. 2012 will always be remembered fondly because I had you in my life. Cheers!


PS For all of you who received my thank you cards and are curious, I made the paper from the book I slaughtered earlier this year, and the designs that I came up with in late 2011 that just so happened were a catalyst for this entire project.