Christmas night. Last-minute dinner invite. Delicious food. Amazing friends. And an unexpected weekly project. For one of my final projects, I planned on creating a painting. It was getting down to the wire and I still had a few others to complete. So, when my friend Sachi announced at dinner that she was having everyone paint a 4″x4″ canvas, I did my best to hide my obvious excitement.

As I sat looking at the blank canvas my mind kept coming back to watching my friend’s kids that morning creating a maelstrom of wrapping paper. And how utterly chaotic Christmas morning can be with small children. I also couldn’t shake the image of candy canes, even though they are no friend of my taste buds with their wickedly minty flavor. So in retaliation, I decided to incorporate a little feel of candy canes exploding. All in all, it was a fantastic night with Sachi and her family. Thanks so much!