Welcome to my 2012’s Project 365 – One creative thing a week.

Creation. This entry is the first of weekly submissions this year wherein I imagine into being one thing from a myriad of mediums. It will be written words, short stories, poems, and simply random thoughts. It will be illustrative, sketches, digital creations, and paintings. It will be things I’ve never done before, crocheting, songwriting, and puppetry. This project will also include video & audio performances, interviews, how-tos, and testimonials.

That said, let me dive on in. I want to begin with that I had other ideas on how this first submission would turn out. However, I procrastinated. Then today I learned a friend of a friend was killed in a car accident. I didn’t know her very well, in fact, I had met her only once, captured in the photo above. Erica was young and from what I understand one of the kindest, sweetest, and most selfless people you could ever hope to meet. This changed my entire train of thought for what I was planning on doing tonight. I instantly became reflective, melancholy, and in the mood to write.

Grief over the loss of a girl a degree away from me is intangibly heartbreaking. Erica was on the fringe of my world, she encapsulates all the people who are just beyond my friendships, they are the ones that periodically and randomly bring intrigue and fresh perspectives into my life. These fringe friends are paths to growth, potential new best friends, and occasionally the fountain where love flourishes. I wish I had known her better, but the randomness of the universe and our own choices push us all into our own future. Be it what they may.

There’s only one instant, and it’s right now. And it’s eternity. I can not undo what I have done, nor can I predict what will happen in the future. The only path to immortality is sharing ourselves now, as much as we can, for long as we can. How many great people will we never know or wish we knew more of because they failed in giving themselves to us? In creating something every week, I am opening myself up, I am expressing myself, giving myself and you better insight on how I view the world; I’m living through my creations, and perhaps, if I’m lucky, even inspiring someone.

I have no delusions, I am a cog in the machine, me and billions of others; however, none of us are extras, we lead out extraordinary lives, we are the protagonists in our own stories, holding a sphere of influence that reverberates throughout the world for all time. What we do matters. Never think otherwise.

I hope you all, my honest critics, will join me in this journey, for it is as much for you as for myself that I take this first step in the continuing discovery my own individuality. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we really are. I’m no different.

“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing.”
—Thomas Jefferson


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