After drinking all the wine for my last project, I had a bunch of empty wine bottles hanging out all over my house. So, I decided to slash the tops off and turn them into cocktail glasses because frankly, I was quite over wine. However, I figured that wasn’t enough, so I grabbed some vinyl from a nearby shop, slapped it on the glasses, and sandblasted a nice frosty pattern on them.

Now, the thing about glass is…it breaks. You see, not all wine and liquor bottles are created equal. Your bottle of two-buck chuck has thinner and cheaper glass than say a bottle of Kettle One. Keep that in mind if you plan to attempt this project. I found a candle flame then ice water to stress the score worked best for me. Also, expect to break many in the process. In just the removing of the top, about 30% ended up unusable whether it was stress fractures or just bad breaks. I was fortunate enough to have a friend behind the bar of my local pub supplying me with an unlimited supply of their leftover bottles. I think I owe him a drink.



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