As this year’s project nears completion, I wanted to get together with my friend Charlie Visnic who, as I’ve mentioned before, help inspired this whole adventure with his year-long creative thing a day. After a quick interview, he hooked up his monome and fired up some of the experimental software he wrote.

This software is quite amazing, it basically plays back and loops various video clips (that Charlie curates from his favorite films) with a press of a button or two. This sounded a lot easier before he placed the monome in my lap and said go. I sat there looking down at this beautiful wooden box with a matrix of unmarked buttons evenly distributed across its face. As I pushed my first button it immediately illuminated as if to say, Thanks! It then proceeded to play its assigned clip that Charlie had loaded into the software. I randomly pressed different buttons and they too lit up with joy, playing alternate clips. Charlie, of course, records these video mixes. They become almost like abstract music video art, Charlie was amazing at creating these, me, not so much. I included one of my better mixes below.