Poetry. This masterfully magical mingling of words has teased my creative spirit for as long as I can remember. I have attempted to construct poems a few times in my life. Most collapsed and were lost to the fog of my past. However, recently I constructed one that didn’t fall, was not lost, even if, in the end, it was abandoned. chaos to be was a beautiful reaction to the most powerful emotional whirlwind that I ever had the pleasure to rip through my life. One that left my emotions caught in the undercurrents of its riptides — taken out to sea, drown, and reborn.

This is the first poem I have written since. As a first draft, I let it simmer here, for now, a home for my thoughts on this overcast Saturday morning in December.

to be
by DAEthington

I blaze into a scorching light,
I am everything I ever was.
I spill.

I spring into a brilliant harmonic,
I shatter everything I have ever known.
I absorb.

I collapse back into the darkness,
I am everything that is new.
I spark.


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