June 1: On a scale of one to ten, how healthy are you?

10 being the healthiest I have ever been. 1 being the most unhealthy. I’m probably have slipped in recent months from an 8 to a 7. Whereas last year at this time I was closer to a solid 9. But I’m working my way back up.


June 2: Should you trust your instincts?

Your body has evolved to tell you when things are not right. That said, I feel with poor recall abilities, I have been in a world where I’m constantly training my subconscious, my intuition, my gut, mostly by filtering heavily what I hold to be true. Being open-minded yet skeptical. Snap decisions, going with your gut, or having a lot of research…all different ways of making a decision. I believe my mind prefers around 80% research depending on the source and the rest relies on how I overall feel about it.


June 5: What was the last fruit you ate?

Blueberries in my yogurt from Yogurtland


June 7: What do you feel grateful for today?

I am grateful that I have an opportunity to figure out how to help create a world where more people can live a life with as many opportunities and freedom as I have enjoyed.


June 8: What makes you miserable?

Understanding there is unjust suffering in the world. Suffering only because most of Earth’s populous is focused on consumerism and other such things, instead of altruism.


June 9: What makes a good friend?

Someone who listens. Who is there when you need them. Someone who can communicate with you, who gets you. Someone you never need to apologize to even if you choose to, because they understand.


June 10: How many cups of coffee did you drink today?

I drink maybe a ½ cup in a day. 4-5 days of the week.


June 12: Is something in your way? Can you move it?

Nothing too original. I seek freedom. I currently sell most of the hours of my day for money. After over a year of freedom from this, it’s a terrible kind of prison. To not control part of your life.


June 15: What’s your favorite gadget?

My smartphone is pretty damn great. I dig my Bluetooth headset a lot.


June 16: What makes you cynical?

Politics. Not insanely cynical, but knowing how corrupt it is, it is difficult not to have some level of cynicism.


June 20: Write the first sentence of your autobiography.

In solitude, he realized once again, that one’s perception sits on the throne of life.


June 21: Who do you want to know better?



June 22: What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Guardians of the Galaxy 2


June 23: When was the last time you cried?

I teared up while messaging with a friend on Monday.

“You know what it is, I just feel tired. Tired of being my own cheerleader. Tired of being other people’s unappreciated cheerleader. Tired of making dinner for one. Of getting no feedback on things I do. Of living a life where no one is affected by what I do on a daily basis. I don’t even know what it’s like to have someone ask me about my day. To care about my day. That idea, so common in our culture, is so foreign to me. So then, when the people in my past who I’ve opened up to the most start exiting my life…hurt doesn’t even begin to describe what that feels like. You end up feeling worthless.”


June 26: What’s your biggest indulgence?

Alcohol. I know I should give it up. Maybe one day.


June 27: When was the last time you ate pizza? What kind?

At Charlie & Jenny’s on Saturday night when they had Jeff & Wendy, and the Bidwells over and all the accompanying children. It was a good night. I held a stick bug.


June 28: If your mood were a weather forecast, you’d be [blank].

I would be…wait…an inter-dimensional portal has opened over California and has dropped in every conceivable weather pattern…a tornado is fighting La Nina!…heat waves are wrestling a snowstorm! Oh this is interesting, some sort of flying man is taking all these weather phenomena and condensing them into a smaller and smaller ball of fury. Oh my god! This man just swallowed the entire ball! Later that day, Dean burps.