In honor of WonderCon’s presence this year in Anaheim, I decided to dedicate this week’s project to comics! I’ve briefly recounted my history with comics, however, I think I might have understated the privilege I had meeting and chatting up the comic artists who would come into our store. Getting to know and having in-depth chats about the comics, art, and life with the likes of Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, and others were some of the highlights of my early teens. It not only had a lasting impact on how I view comics but fueled my already burning passion for art. There are no words to describe the joy and the inspiration they imparted on a geeky, comic-loving, 13-year-old working at a comic shop who was paid solely in comics.

That said, my favorite comic and artist during those days was Jim Lee’s Uncanny X-Men. To this day I have yet to find an artist whose skill can come close to the beauty that flows from Jim’s pencil. So for this week’s project, I decided to ditch my boring, black leather wallet and create one featuring some of Jim’s amazing artwork. A reminder of the joy of my youth and to always try to inspire others.


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