WonderCon was amazing. It was more intimate than San Diego’s Con and reminiscent of comic conventions I used to attend as a kid. Unfortunately, as a kid, I never had enough money to buy much. That’s why I now always pick up a memento at each convention I attend. My last acquisition culminated in this Grand Moff Tarkin vs. Hellboy strip created for a friend.

At WonderCon I stumbled upon a booth selling felt creatures, they were cute and quite expensive. Lucky for me and my pocketbook they had DIY kits for much cheaper. I snatched one up knowing how perfect it would be for a weekly project.

I have had an affinity for dragons since I was a little boy, so naturally, I chose to create a cute little dragon of felt. This is not my first dragon homage to the Chinese Year of the Dragon and will probably not be my last. The creation is quite simple. Take wool in a variety of colors and using a long sharp needle, poke it repeatedly. The wool fibers get pushed together and the loose wool starts to take shape. It’s really fun and amazing to see the wool transform right in front of your eyes.


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