January 1: What is your mission?

We should probably start with these yearly projects. I’ve described them as a promise to myself to do a single thing. I’m interested not only in bettering myself but challenging everything I know of myself, testing my resolve, questioning my ideals, and changing my perception. I seek adventure, I seek knowledge, I seek understanding. And each of these are limitless. These projects are my life. Documented. 

2017’s project is to answer questions. One per day. Most of these questions will come from a book I received as a x-mas gift a year ago, by my ex-girlfriend, Destiny. I feel I might substitute some out for questions I feel are better. The idea is to have all my answers public, but quite sure about that yet. 

Another mission of mine is this long, seemingly fruitless search for companionship. My passion for life and creation is boundless, but without someone there to see it all, to absorb and reflect it back, it all seems a bit hollow. I spent years in relative solitude concentrating on the act of self-introspection, of improving and expressing myself. When I did connect, I spent time listening and absorbing the perspectives they brought. Always though, romantically, I sought a union to elevate everything, one I will constantly learn and grow from, a person to dedicate myself to, to be selfless for. 

The search continues. 

The final mission is sustainability. Currently, it’s currency. I had a beautiful year of freedoms that I paid for through all I had saved. And it was worth every penny. But now, I must face the reality of not having a parachute and how much longer I can attempt to swim in this very shallow freelancing pool. Something has to change real soon in this arena and I’m excited to see where this world leads me. 

If there is anything that might shake everything up, it’s this idea that I have outstayed my welcome in this little suburban neighborhood in Brea. I have to really consider a move. Long Beach seems like a nice change that isn’t all that far away, but I think the factors above, romance, and career have the power to take me just about anywhere. 

So, I’m excited to see where the next 365 days take me and how this year’s project will all suss out.  

January QuADs

Can people change? What are you reading right now? Are you lucky? What inspired you today? What makes “you” you? Which art movement best describes you? Who do you want to be? What do you want to forget? Who do you want to be?

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February QuADs

On a scale of one to ten, how sad are you? Why? What is your favorite question to ask people? What is the cure for a broken heart? What was your prevailing emotion of the day? Are you the original or the remix? Why?

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March QuADs

What is your favorite word right now? Where do you live? What is true? What do you want to buy? What new activity have you tried? In three words describe your spirituality. What made you laugh? Who do you aspire to be like? What do you want to remember about today?

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April QuADs

Where do you feel most at home? What sound effect are you most like today? If you could acquire a talent effortlessly, what would it be? What’s a political issue that interests you? What do you think is your biggest shortcoming? Write down a problem you solved today. How many times did you curse today? Is life fair? Who would you trade places with for just one day? Who can make you happier? How?

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May QuADs

Who do you think is cute? How did you start your day? How do you want to be remembered? What are you exploring? What makes a good enemy? What do you consider your biggest achievement? What was your favorite day this week? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love? If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? List things that nagged you today.

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June QuADs

On a scale of one to ten, how healthy are you? Should you trust your instincts? What was the last fruit you ate? What do you feel grateful for today? What makes you miserable? What makes a good friend? Is something in your way? What makes you cynical? Write the first sentence of your autobiography. When was the last time you cried? What’s your biggest indulgence?

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July QuADs

What is your motto? What do you have to lose? Today was delightful because... What are you sentimental about? Do you have a secret? What is your heroic downfall? What are the ingredients for a perfect day? Who was the last person to make you angry? What’s in your fridge? Are you working hard or hardly working? Write a phrase to describe your year so far. Today were you a wallflower or a social butterfly?

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August QuADs

Describe the room you’re in right now. What do you lie about? When was the last time you were on an airplane? Who are you? What are you running from at this moment? What is your resolution for tomorrow? If you had to spend five years in prison, what would you finally have the chance to do? What’s your favorite piece of clothing? Summarize your day. What can’t you forget? Write your recipe for creativity. What would you like to tell your father? What’s the best part about your life right now?

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September QuADs

Teacher or student? Where have you found evidence of a higher power? Where do you see yourself in five years? What advice would you give to a second-grader? What are you chasing at the moment? Who can help you? Who are the most important people in your life? What would you want to study at school? What is your favorite snack food? What’s a new place you’ve recently been to? When was the last time you went dancing? Do you handle rejection well? How do you get out of a rut?

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October QuADs

What are you a geek about? What was the last bad movie you watched? In three words describe your love life. What question makes you anxious? Who is someone you had a good conversation with recently. What makes you feel wonderful? One word for today. How much time do you spend commuting? What’s the most valuable thing you own? What famous living person would you want to meet for drinks? Write a haiku about your day. Halloween plans? What’s your costume?

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November QuADs

What is your biggest expense right now? Today you made ____. What should remain as-is? Who is your hero? What topic are you bored of talking about? Where do you find pleasure? What are you obsessed with right now? What is your dream job of the day? What is your favorite brunch food? What three words describe your family? Who inspires you?

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December QuADs

What would you like your epitaph to read? What detail from today would you like to remember? On a scale from one to ten, how happy are you? Do you want to know how it ends? Who do you miss? What is your most recent act of generosity? What’s your biggest regret? Why are you impressive? Moderation or excess? Where would you move? What do you like to talk about?What are your top three wishes? What is your most cherished memory of this year?

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